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The beer is packaged in 0.33l bottles (sold in sixpacks), 0,5l and 0,65l bottles, as well as 0,5l cans (sold also in four- and sixpacks). Zywiec is one of the largest Polish brand in the Premium segment. The logotype of this flagship product made in Zywiec Archduke Brewery, the “Dancing Couple”, is one of the most valuable logos in the beer industry in Poland. The position and strength of the Zywiec brand was noticed by the Brand Council of the Polish edition of the prestigious “Superbrands” contest and awarded, not for the first time, with the title of a “Superbrand” for one of the strongest brands in Poland. Zywiec is also one of the main Polish export brands, being a product associated with top quality, tradition and Polishness. Zywiec Beer’s Distribution is available in Southern California Only.


Zywiec Porter

is one of the oldest Polish beers, brewed according to the original recipe created in 1881. It has the unique characteristics of Baltic porters. Zywiec Porter is a dark, bottom-fermenting beer, brewed with the use of malt made nowadays in the same way as a century ago, by means of the malt roaster manufactured in 1910. Carefully selected ingredients give Porter its extraordinary aroma, deep, dark brown colour and highly valued and awarded flavour. Zywiec Porter is sold in 0,5l bottles

Zywiec beer distributors in California

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