Hofbrauhaus Wolters

Hofbrauhaus Wolters – German brewing tradition since 1672. The company is one of northern Germany’s oldest breweries. Since its founding, the Wolters brewery has been dedicated to making beer that meets Germany high quality requirements for the art of brewing. In recognition of the very high quality of all of the beers made by Hofbrauhaus Wolters, in 1882 the Duke of Brunswick awarded the company the title of “Brewers of the Ducal Court”
Our first priority has our quality management and its continuous development. It is self understanding that all our beers only are brewed in strict accordance with the German Purity Law dated 1516.
This oldest food related law in the world stipulates the only ingredients to be used in our beer: Barley malt, natural water, hops and yeast.
No maize, rice, acids or other chemicals additives are allowed in our beers. Certainly this is one major reason for the high international reputation of German beers.
Modern brewing technique combined with the excellent know-how of our brewmasters and the usage of selected ingredients lead to the unique quality and taste of our beers.

Wolters Pilsener
  4.9% abv. Our distinctive Pilsener bier is bright golden in colour with a well balanced bitterness. Wolters Pilsener is easy to drink, clean and refreshing. Cans available in loose or 4pk band and 6pk Glass. Its Kosher too.

Wolters Weizen Brewed with more than 50% wheat malt, other special malts and white bier yeast. Wolters Weizen is fruity with hints of banana. Wolters Weizen available in loose or 4pk band

Wolters Black beer (schwartz) full bodied taste of our specialty dark bier, made with the finest roasted malt. Wolters Black is available in loose or 4pk band.

Brunonia The color of pale lager ranges from light bronze to nearly transparent and the alcohol anywhere from 4.8%. Full-bodied taste & hoppy aroma of classic German beers. Brunonia is available in loose or 4pk band.

Colbitzer Pils Brewed according to unchanged recipes inherited from generation to generation, Colbitzer Pils has been successful on the market for many decades. Colbitzer is available in loose or 4pk band.